OOLA Three Shores Black Label Whiskey

OOLA Three Shores Black Label Whiskey

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Three Shores Black Label french oakā€”cabernet sauvignon barrel-finished.
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Three Shores Black Label french oak—cabernet sauvignon barrel-finished 94 proof | 47% ALC./VOL.

The fourth release in our Whiskey Discourse series, Three Shores Black Label, combines our Three Shores Blended Whiskey with an additional year of aging-in french oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from one of the top Cabernet producers in Washington State. You'll recall the "discourse" with the original Three Shores Whiskey involves a conversation with iconic whiskeys from three different countries: a Highland Scotch, our own American high rye Whiskey, and a deep, rich and smooth Canadian Whiskey. DISTILLER'S TASTING NOTES: “Don't be mislead by the shy way this rare Whiskey introduces itself—the light nose blossoms into a richness on the palate with notes of sweet salted caramel, baking spices, and candied orange peel. The most outstanding attribute of this lovely whiskey is the incredible, long finish so aptly described by one of our distillers, John Fausz: ‘The ghost of a whiskey spending its eternity on the palate.’ Well said. Enjoy!”


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